Evil Unleashed

The occult is many things to many people. For some, it’s a path to enlightenment. Others find it a source of personal transformation. And still others consider it a doorway to the devil. There is validity, perhaps, in all of these descriptions. But while distinctions can be drawn and argued all day, what can’t be argued is this: the occult is dangerous. It opens channels that are best left closed. It attracts entities that don’t play by the rules. And it demands more—always more—than what was bargained for.

These true-life accounts reveal the heartache and horror that can occur when people participate in the occult, and knowingly or not, release dark spirits into the human realm. Dabbler or devotee—it doesn’t matter how deeply one is committed or involved. Once evil is unleashed, it treats everyone the same: hellishly.


 1  The Beast
 2  The Conjuring Book
 3  The Curse
 4  The Wish
 5  The Haunted Ouija Board
 6  Grandma’s Hobby
 7  The Magic Mirror
 8  The Dream House
 9  The Witches’ Hex
10  Cupid Comes Calling
11  Charlie Charlie
12  The Demon Ritual