Ouija Board Nightmares

You could be thinking you are speaking to your deceased loved one when in reality you might be speaking to something that has never walked the earth in human form.” 

– Ed Warren, famed demonologist

The Ouija board continues to be a popular means of entertainment for a wide variety of people: paranormal thrill-seekers, adventurous adolescents, temperamental teens, tipsy party guests, and even curious skeptics. Most of the time, those who dabble with the Ouija experience nothing out of the ordinary. But many times that's not the case. And many times that extraordinary experience isn't just strange, but downright awful.

Ouija Board Nightmares takes a look at some of those terrifying experiences, which range from nightmarish manifestations to actual physical assaults. The author’s intention is to inform and engage, but primarily to warn. While the Ouija board may be marketed as a harmless game, it is indeed neither. If the accounts in this book don't convince you of that, then nothing will.


Mysterious Origins
Early Accounts
Unknown Visitors
Dark Predictions
Unwanted Guests
Physical Attacks
Lessons Learned

Final Warnings