It’s Probably Just a Coincidence

Jaqueline Sanchez, 22, from Belize, Central America, reportedly died  late last year from cardiac arrest after undergoing an exorcism at the Pentecostal Church of San Ignacio de Velasco. Family members say that in the months prior to her death, Sanchez stopped eating and displayed strange behaviors, including fits of hysteria, convulsions, and a number of unexplained illnesses. Believed to be possessed, she was taken to the aforementioned church where witnesses described seeing her float up in the air and hearing her talk in a deep male voice. At the conclusion of the exorcism, she went into cardio respiratory arrest and never recovered. Not that one thing necessarily leads to another, but it's worth noting that Sanchez had been playing with a Ouija board before all of this started.

Esprit, es tu là??” by dayjee Soon, licensed under CC BY 2.0