Haunted Dolls are This Woman's Passion

When Karina Eames turned 34, her mother gave her an antique doll as a birthday present. It wasn’t an unusual gift, as Karina had been collecting dolls since her early 20s and had amassed quite a large collection. But it was unique in that it was the first doll in Karina’s possession to, well, sort of introduce itself. The doll was sitting at her feet when suddenly Karina felt her foot being touched by what she described as “children’s fingers.”

“I was both excited and scared as the fingers moved up my leg,' she told Australia’s that’s life! magazine. “I wondered if my sons, Caleb and Jacob had sneaked into my room. But there was no one there!”

Since that night, Karina started experiencing many other strange occurrences, prompting her to investigate further into her existing doll collection, and even motivating her to acquire other antique dolls with a history of “spirit attachment.” Karina, now 38, estimates that within her collection of 700 dolls, there reside about 100 different spirits.

“I love having so many possessed dolls living with me,” she said. “My house will always be happily haunted.”

[I’d rather my house be happily non-haunted, but that’s just me. - John]

To read more, see “Mum says her collection of ‘possessed’ antique baby dolls lets her talk to the dead,” that’s life! February 2017.

(Photo: Creative Commons, author: NikiSublime)