The biggest True Tales book yet!

Imagine an ancient evil that dwells in a dark world of its own but can easily cross into ours.

Imagine a calculating evil that watches our every move and knows our very hearts.

Imagine a powerful evil that seeks to confuse, harm, and destroy us in body and soul.

Imagine all you like, but don’t think for a moment that such creatures don’t exist.

In this all-new volume of terrifying true stories, you will learn about the ancient evil spirits we have come to call demons and the various ways they have terrorized humans through the centuries. You will meet some of their modern-day victims, people from all different walks of life. People just like us. You will read about hideous manifestations, depraved assaults, and all other manner of frightening phenomena.

These incredulous accounts will startle your senses and challenge your worldview. They may even make you afraid to go to bed at night. But therein lies a powerful weapon. Only in knowing one’s enemy can that enemy be defeated. This book will give you a clearer understanding of the inhuman intelligent entities that prowl unseen in our midst, their motives and machinations, and how to avoid crossing their paths.

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