Dive into the dark underbelly of the occult with this gripping collection of true accounts that will leave you questioning the boundaries between our world and the unseen realm beyond. From innocent Ouija board sessions gone terribly wrong to malevolent spirits invoked by ancient rituals, Demons Unleashed offers a chilling glimpse into the very real dangers of dabbling in the dark arts.

With engaging storytelling and narrative mastery, John Harker presents thirteen bone-chilling stories of ordinary people whose lives were forever changed by their encounters with demonic forces. You'll read about:

  • A love spell that summons a sinister entity.
  • A cursed farm that drives a family to the brink of madness.
  • A musician's deal with the devil that spirals out of control.
  • A diabolic video game that crosses into reality.
  • The terrifying consequences of New Age practices.
  • And other scary, strange, and twisted tales of occult calamities.

Drawing from the harrowing real-life experiences of exorcists, paranormal investigators, and former occult practitioners, this book offers a stark warning about the seductive yet utterly destructive nature of occult power. Be it Old World witchcraft or New Age mysticism, these practices open the same doors—and invite in the same demons.




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