Monsters and maniacs, ghosts and ghouls, murder and mayhem.

In this latest volume of real-life nightmares, author John Harker presents readers with chilling accounts of strange creatures, evil entities, and demonic deviants.

Combining historical tales with modern day testimonies, Monsters and Maniacs is an enthralling, if not disturbing, look at the seen and unseen fiends in our midst. Whether they walk along our streets, creep around our houses, or fly over our heads, monsters of every type, imagined or not, pass by us in the day…and wait for us at night. Pray that yours are only imagined.

Here are some of the lovelies you'll read about:

  • Shadow people that creep and crawl.
  • A doll that doesn’t play nice.
  • A psychopath with unusual tastes.
  • A pesky poltergeist with bad aim.
  • Flying devils and winged humans.
  • A Satanist trapped in a bloody nightmare.
  • Black-eyed kids who want in your house.
  • And other furry, fanged, and creepy creatures.


Available in ebook, print, and audiobook formats.




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