The long awaited sequel is here!

This all-new volume of true stories takes up where the original Ouija Board Nightmares left off—with even more chilling tales, extraordinary events, and urgent warnings. Containing nearly 60 stories of Ouija board sessions gone terribly wrong, this book offers something for everyone: paranormal enthusiasts, horror fans, thrill seekers, or even concerned parents and friends.

Interest in the occult is at an all-time high, and that means more people than ever are turning to Ouija boards to explore the world beyond this one. The problem is, the Ouija board is a magnet for attracting any and all dwellers of that world—human and demonic—and an invitation to those spirits to cross into the human realm.

Can this ever be a good thing? The victims whose stories are told in Ouija Board Nightmares 2, and the experts cited throughout the book, would resoundingly answer no.

These accounts are fascinating and provocative, but with them comes a warning: Ouija boards are dangerous and the entities they attract can make your life, and the lives of those around you, a living hell. Read them with your mind open, your eyes clear—and your lights on.

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