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The Dover Demon


Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 4.0    

Seventeen-year-old William "Bill" Bartlett claimed that, while driving on April 21, 1977, he saw an alien-like creature with "tendril-like fingers" and glowing eyes perched on top of a broken stone wall on Farm Street in Dover, Massachusetts. On the same evening, 15-year-old John Baxter reported encountering a similar entity on Miller Hill Road. The following night, another 15-year-old, Abby Brabham, asserted she witnessed the creature on Springdale Avenue.

All three teenagers created sketches of the alleged creature. Bartlett inscribed on his drawing, "I, Bill Bartlett, swear on a stack of Bibles that I saw this creature." A local news report highlighted that the locations of these sightings, when plotted on a map, formed a straight line over the course of 2 miles. The accounts of these sightings did not become public until the first half of May. At that time, a local "investigator of unexplained phenomena" noted the resemblances between the creature described by the teens and those encountered during the infamous 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville incident.

The 1955 Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins Case, involved residents of a rural Kentucky farmhouse who claimed they were terrorized by small, goblin-like creatures with claw-like hands, large eyes, and pointed ears. The event lasted several hours and included reports of gunfire from the residents attempting to defend themselves from the perceived threat. Despite a thorough investigation, no concrete evidence was found to explain the mysterious sightings, making the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter one of the more enigmatic and enduring cases in cryptids/UFO lore.

Recently, GBH News' All Things Considered host Arun Rath spoke about the Dover Demon with Jeff Belanger, a folklore expert and host of the “New England Legends” podcast. Click here to read the transcript.

Innovative Ghost-Free Certifying Service


Two creative college students in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have come up with a unique entrepreneurial solution for landlords and sellers dealing with "haunted" apartments. Wifei Cheng, a 21-year-old Thai-Taiwanese student at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, and his friend Sretthawut Boonprakhong, 22, have launched a ghost-free certifying service.

Wifei Cheng, the brain behind the idea, is willing to spend a night in an apartment where deaths have been reported to assure potential tenants or buyers that there are no supernatural entities lurking around. After a ghost-free night, Cheng will issue a certificate to put the minds of renters at ease 

Cheng's services quickly gained attention after he posted about them on social media. Although he hasn't secured a client yet, he has received numerous inquiries. He is also open to taking on similar jobs at places like funeral homes, reception halls, and other possible haunted venues. Currently, the fee for his services is negotiable.

Sretthawut Boonprakhong, Cheng's associate and friend, is also ready to face the challenge, despite his own fear of ghosts. He sees this opportunity as a way to conclusively prove that ghosts do not exist. To ensure his safety on the jobs, Boonprakhong plans to arm himself with sacred amulets as an added layer of spiritual protection.

Monsters and Maniacs Audiobook


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Dozens of Girls Hospitalized After Playing With Ouija Board



"Twenty-eight schoolgirls were hospitalized with anxiety attacks after allegedly playing with Ouija boards at their school in Colombia, reports say . . ."

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Posted March 9, 2023

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Something Tries to Turn Cross Upside Down in Empty Home


Check out this creepy video of something seemingly trying to turn this Christian cross upside down. The creator of the video claims to have been tormented by evil entities since she was twelve years old. She is currently working with an exorcist to find relief. 

Watch the video and read more at >>

Posted August 25, 2022

The Dangers of Witchcraft -- Spirits in a Witch's Home


"In discussing various topics with her audience, she [the witch] turned to the issue of 'ghosts' or, as she clarifies, strange spirit encounters. . ."

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Posted July 28, 2022

Florida's Devil Tree


"In the sleepy community of Port St. Lucie on the eastern coast of Florida, in an unassuming park there grows a tree that has multiple connections to evil..."

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 Posted July 27, 2022

Tenants of French Apartment Building Say They Are Being Tormented by Ghosts


"In a very weird story from France, a staggering ten residents of an apartment building in a Paris suburb say that they are being tormented by ghosts. . . "

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Posted July 21, 2022

The Witch Board


"Boredom generally ruled in the weekends in the late sixties at our farmhouse in the small farming community of Millersport, Ohio. . . "

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Posted July 19, 2022

New Scientific Technique Dates Shroud of Turin to Around the Time of Christ’s Death and Resurrection


"An Italian scientist is claiming a new technique using X-ray dating shows the Holy Shroud of Turin to be much older than some scientists have stated. . . "

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Posted April 19, 2022

Astroworld Fallout: Exorcists And Demonologists Break Down The Satanic Influence At Travis Scott’s Deadly Concert

When I first heard the news of the tragic deaths at the Travis Scott Astroworld Festival, my first thought was, A sacrifice has been made. Apparently, I'm not the only one, as the article linked below illustrates. In this interesting and disturbing piece, several exorcists are asked about the events that took place and the demonic influence and activity that most likely was present at the venue. 

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Posted November 11, 2021 by John Harker

Write It Down!


If you’re like me, thoughts flit through your head like snowflakes in a blizzard – and then melt before you can ever appreciate or remember them. That’s why I have scratch paper, Post-It Notes, writing pads, notebooks, and journals all over my house (and on my computer as well). 

I make a particular effort to jot down events that are, well, odd. A few such things occurred after my mother passed away, and I indeed scribbled them down with the date noted and such. I don’t want to ever forget, as I know they mean something, even if I haven’t figured out what yet.

Dark Pages Press, the imprint of my True Tales books, has come out with a cracking good journal for this very purpose: to make a permanent record of strange and eerie occurrences, thoughts, dreams, etc., that cross our days and nights. Or, as its subtitle suggests, to log “perceptions, ponderings and pursuits.” Contains some cool quotes as well.

 Check it out here:


More on Demonic Texting


  (From Msgr. Stephen Rossetti's blog

Exorcist Diary #147: Why Demons Text

"Checkmate," by Friedrich Moritz August Retzsch (A chess match with Satan)

My book, Diary of An American Exorcist, is out and surprisingly one of the most talked about items is demons texting. This encouraged me to dive more deeply into demonic texts we have received and to look for any insights or patterns that might help us understand their behavior.

We have had three cases in which demons have texted the team and/or the family of the possessed person.* Two of these cases were the most difficult cases we have had so far, and the third involved a pious family with priestly and religious vocations among the children. So, all were "high value" targets with high-ranking, powerful demons involved. This suggests that it takes considerable spiritual "energy" to cross over and manipulate such items in the physical world, and thus this action "costs" them a lot. 

To continue reading, click here.

And I Thought Spam Texts Were Bad


(From the New York Post, July 3, 2021.)


US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

American exorcist,  Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, claims that demons are tech savvy and send text messages to their victims.
New York Post photo composite

This was the Evil One, all right.

As Monsignor Stephen Rossetti watched the man in front of him, he saw his blue eyes turn yellow and the pupils shrink down to mere dots. They looked, Rossetti said, precisely like the eyes of a hissing snake.

But the monsignor knew what it really was: The man’s altered appearance convinced him for a fact that the man was possessed by a demon.

Another time, a man’s entire eyes turned jet black, recalled Rossetti. “This doesn’t usually happen but when it does, it is very startling — it is obviously demonic,” he said.

Battling demonic forces is regular duty for Msgr Rossetti, a Catholic priest who worked in two parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse for five years. Now based in the Washington, DC, diocese, he and his team perform up to 20 exorcisms each week, liberating people — and homes — from what he calls “demons and satanic evil.”


Click here to read the rest of the story at the New York Post.

Not Snow White's Dwarfs


In my latest book When Demons Attack, I have a chapter that discusses the existence of elementals, preternatural beings who are intrinsically connected to our planet’s matter, i.e., earth, air, fire, and water. The tale I relate in the book takes place in the Philippines, so I thought it interesting when I came across another incident of elemental (demonic, in this case) oppression in that same region where superstitions and folklore are very strong, even among the upper class.

The case in question involves a doctor who claimed that benign dwarfs (earth elementals) appeared to her and showered her with good luck and financial rewards in return for her “friendship” and homage. But when she decided to return to the practice of her faith, they revealed themselves to be demons and set about terrorizing her and her family with frightening paranormal activity. They also took temporary possession of her body for hours at a time.

The family requested the help of an exorcist priest, Fr. Jose Syquia, who recalled: “When the time came to bless her with holy water, a voice that wasn’t hers shouted for us to stop. What really scared me was that this was the first time that I saw something very alien in her eyes. I was looking at something else. It was totally evil.” After taunting the priest with personal details of his life that no one else in the room could possibly have known, the demons then declared, “We will never leave her.” Well, after hours of exorcism prayers they eventually did leave and all remains well with the good doctor.

The moral of the story: Beware of creepy little creatures bearing gifts.


Vacation Fun


My family and I spent a couple of days in Port Townsend, WA, and stayed at the Manresa Castle, a Victorian style historic hotel with a reputation for being haunted. (It was featured on Ghost Adventures in 2015.) We stayed there for the sole reason it was the only hotel with a vacancy. While the remote was not thrown at our heads as some guests reported happening, the bathroom light, which we were going to keep on as a nightlight, did go out inexplicably right as I turned off my Kindle to go to sleep. Thankfully, that's all Casper had in store for us.