Innovative Ghost-Free Certifying Service


Two creative college students in Chiang Mai, Thailand, have come up with a unique entrepreneurial solution for landlords and sellers dealing with "haunted" apartments. Wifei Cheng, a 21-year-old Thai-Taiwanese student at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, and his friend Sretthawut Boonprakhong, 22, have launched a ghost-free certifying service.

Wifei Cheng, the brain behind the idea, is willing to spend a night in an apartment where deaths have been reported to assure potential tenants or buyers that there are no supernatural entities lurking around. After a ghost-free night, Cheng will issue a certificate to put the minds of renters at ease 

Cheng's services quickly gained attention after he posted about them on social media. Although he hasn't secured a client yet, he has received numerous inquiries. He is also open to taking on similar jobs at places like funeral homes, reception halls, and other possible haunted venues. Currently, the fee for his services is negotiable.

Sretthawut Boonprakhong, Cheng's associate and friend, is also ready to face the challenge, despite his own fear of ghosts. He sees this opportunity as a way to conclusively prove that ghosts do not exist. To ensure his safety on the jobs, Boonprakhong plans to arm himself with sacred amulets as an added layer of spiritual protection.