Write It Down!


If you’re like me, thoughts flit through your head like snowflakes in a blizzard – and then melt before you can ever appreciate or remember them. That’s why I have scratch paper, Post-It Notes, writing pads, notebooks, and journals all over my house (and on my computer as well). 

I make a particular effort to jot down events that are, well, odd. A few such things occurred after my mother passed away, and I indeed scribbled them down with the date noted and such. I don’t want to ever forget, as I know they mean something, even if I haven’t figured out what yet.

Dark Pages Press, the imprint of my True Tales books, has come out with a cracking good journal for this very purpose: to make a permanent record of strange and eerie occurrences, thoughts, dreams, etc., that cross our days and nights. Or, as its subtitle suggests, to log “perceptions, ponderings and pursuits.” Contains some cool quotes as well.

 Check it out here: