The Latest True Tales Book is Here! 



Was hoping to get this out sooner, but last year was, shall we say, a bit devilish.

Anyway, better times lie ahead. And what better way to welcome warmer weather, sunny skies, and blossoming flowers than with a big dose of DEMONS!
Yep, this True Tales book is the biggest yet with incredulous accounts of hideous manifestations, depraved assaults, and all other manner of frightening paranormal phenomena. 

As with all True Tales books, When Demons Attack strives to inform, entertain, and enthrall. But most of all, to warn.

These creatures are real. They walk among us. They never sleep.

After reading this book, you may not either.
* * *

The official release date of the ebook is April 5, 2021. (With print and audio TBA.)

Pre-orders are available now at Amazon. Check it out!