And I Thought Spam Texts Were Bad


(From the New York Post, July 3, 2021.)


US priest: Exorcisms on the rise as demons now haunt victims by text

American exorcist,  Monsignor Stephen Rossetti, claims that demons are tech savvy and send text messages to their victims.
New York Post photo composite

This was the Evil One, all right.

As Monsignor Stephen Rossetti watched the man in front of him, he saw his blue eyes turn yellow and the pupils shrink down to mere dots. They looked, Rossetti said, precisely like the eyes of a hissing snake.

But the monsignor knew what it really was: The man’s altered appearance convinced him for a fact that the man was possessed by a demon.

Another time, a man’s entire eyes turned jet black, recalled Rossetti. “This doesn’t usually happen but when it does, it is very startling — it is obviously demonic,” he said.

Battling demonic forces is regular duty for Msgr Rossetti, a Catholic priest who worked in two parishes in the Diocese of Syracuse for five years. Now based in the Washington, DC, diocese, he and his team perform up to 20 exorcisms each week, liberating people — and homes — from what he calls “demons and satanic evil.”


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